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There's 2 questions you get as a DJ: "What's the name of that song!" and "Where can I find it?!" Like you, I love music and connecting with people through it, JamieK.ca is my way to give you what you want and need to hear. Nothing.But.Bangers!

The goal of JamieK.ca is to put only the best new music at your fingertips. I do this by filtering all the different sources of new-music each week and provide you with the gems. Once you hear it, you'll love it and you'll want it! So whenever possible JamieK.ca will provide you with a downloadable source to help you build your playlist and the soundtrack of your life.  

"Us" is You!

JamieK.ca wants to be driven by you as much as possible and it's all done through social. What I think is good may be crap to you, so I go the extra step to crowdsource as much awesome music as I can because DJ'ing is about moving the crowd!

JamieK.ca uses social media to engage with you, listen to what you want, hear what everyone's digging and get any submitted material we can from you! So please be sure to:

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How is it done?

Being a DJ has always meant staying ahead of the curve and playing the newest, hottest music to please the crowd. Finding great music used to mean going to the local record store and milling through albums for hours, listening track by track on the record player before buying one song for $11+. Finding great new music these days is cheaper but the record shop has gone global.

For today's new music hunter trying to find music online is like looking for a good meal in New York City. Some well established names will have you believe they have the best. But at this point they are paid to promote, have too many contirbutors, and no great filter on what's hot because they feel the stress to post content daily. On the other hand, the internet is the streets. This means there is a never-ending supply of "mom & pop's" artists trying to push their music, their special, no matter how good they are, and however they can put it on you. JamieK.ca saves the day!

Basically I spend the week listening to new music, a lot of it. I comb all of the big music blogs down to independant artist pages. I also use a social media management tool (HootSuite) to find tracks people are digging on Facebook, Twitter, Google and the rest of the web. Doing this lets me compile a playlist of the newest hottest tracks! Using my years of DJ experience I filter it down what is really going to bang and move you, leaving you with only the big tunes.

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