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Jahan - Vancouver's hottest R&B talent

- Jahan - is relentless in chasing down her musical dreams. Truely a stand-out with incredible vocal ability, Jahan's toughest decision is going to be who to sign with and creating her own unique identity in the industry.

Easily comparable to the sultry sounds of Beyonce, Jahan puts her own spin on her fav songs and has beautiful tracks available already for her up-coming album. Jahan has been in talks with Island-Def Jam and is currently recording in Canada and the States. I love this girl. (more music HERE)

Funny Fact - We once ran out of money after the bar so we hit the streets to pan-handle. Jahan sang passerby's fav Beyonce hits for $. We made enough for 3 hot-dogs and a hilarious walk home.

This. Is. Classmore.

- Classmore - is a unique rapper who has self-designed a new approach to the genre. From what he calls the "rules of rhyming" he has devised a method of creating symmetrical rhymes that are "linguistically appeasing" to the ears.

After listening to his styled approach with subject matter that is appealing to the masses and played over unique beats, you'll agree Classmore is just scratching the surface and starting to get a good grip on a success pattern.

Based out of Vancouver but hailing from Huntsville, Ont. Classmore is chasing his dreams vehemently, recently meeting with Shady Records in NYC. Challenged to build a stronger fan base and get his sound to the masses Classmore wants you to be the judge, check out his music HERE

- Little T - quickly made a name for himself with clever wordplay and a solid flow. He has collaborated with a slew of artists bringing his hard work, determination and lyrical skills to the table. His mixtape "Littlest Biggest Deal" has already distributed over a thousand copies proving that this is only the beginning.

Little T’s career is quickly gaining velocity and serves as proof that big things often do come in small packages. He has come a long way from playing in motels and low-residence housing to opening for such big acts like Warren G, Lil’ Kim, D12, Hopsin, R.A. the Rugged Man, Swollen Members, Moka Only, Luckyiam, and Kyprios. Find more Lil T HERE

DJ M-Rock Got Beats!

- DJ M-Rock - Got Beats! You'll find this Toronto based DJ splashed all over M-Rock has almost done it all in the DJ profession; Competed in the DMC turntable championships (runner up), played with big musical & entertainment acts and has been a resident DJ at some of the hottest spots around T-Dot.

His talent is undeniable and I'm so glad to have come across this DJ when I was playing in Toronto in '99. M-Rock FTW.

Folllow DJ M-Rock on Twitter @MRockgotbeats and visit his website

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