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None of us need to fill in the missing pieces to the banner above. We all know it, we all fear it and chances are we're going to have a personal encounter with cancer if it hasn't already touched your family. So what do you do?...

Fuck Cancer!

The inspiration for "Fuck Cancer Fridays" on JamieK.ca comes from the efforts of a good friend and Vancouver philanthropist extraordinaire Yael "Ms.FuckCancer" Cohen.

A saying that resonates within the hearts of millions

The greatest thing about Fuck Cancer imo is that they are realistic. Although Yael and her team could spend their daily efforts fundraising for a cure, they instead focus on awareness... aka saving us!

"Since there is no known cure for cancer, looking for cancer instead of finding it is our best option."

Your Fuck Cancer Friday Track is: Salt-N-Pepa "Shoop"

The fundamental mission of Fuck Cancer is detection, prevention and communication. To boost the latter, Fuck Cancer has put a fun spin on that awkward "Sex Talk" from your parents (whether you got it or not ;). The challenge is for today's Gen X&Y to have "The Cancer Talk" with their parents. If you're reading this you're already invested enough in the idea because it is SO SIMPLE, there is even a field guide on how/why to have the talk HERE.

To inspire us to have the talk, F-Cancer has enlisted some celebrities & everyday folk to share their "sex talk" experience and why it's important we talk to our parents about cancer.

Your awareness tip for this Friday from Fuck Cancer is: For all the Base-Tanners

Miss Fuck Cancer - Yael Cohen - Never Sleeps!

Yael has had serious run-in's with cancer in her own family. In 2009 she was visiting her mother after cancer related surgery, something that haunts any family, and she heard someone say "Fuck Cancer!" in passing. These 2 words have shaped her life's work in the creation of Fuck Cancer and her now daily routine of globetrotting the world to spread the message of awareness to generation "Y".

I want to feature Yael and her incredible non-profit organization because I have seen her (and her teams) unrelenting passion and hard-work for creating awareness. They're not the people who are going to find a cure, but they are people who can help save you and I by showing us dummies what we should be looking for. Survival is a BIG possibility when found in early stages!

Participate, Donate, but AT LEAST Learn more @ LetsFCancer.com

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